Diversity is the hallmark of the 21st century; collaboration and cooperation the platform from which it flourishes. We are proud of our flourishing diverse UK communities – Great Britain leads the way within the EU for championing diversity, integration and inclusion.

UK should remain in the European Union because this gives us:


Why put jobs at risk? Companies up & down the country – in the smallest village & in the biggest of towns – are creating jobs from buying & selling to Europe’s 500 million customers. Big & small businesses have been polled & the majority agree we are much better staying than quitting.


Why put our power at risk? We are at the top table of every international organisation & through Europe in uence our neighbourhood & shape the largest economic bloc in the world. It would be extraordinary for us to walk away from the power we have on our doorstep.


Why put our peace at risk? Europe coming together has succeeded in keeping the peace for 70 years. While it’s not perfect, by resolving problems through dialogue & debate, accidental flare are ups do not result in continental war.


Why put our rights at risk? We all enjoy statutory holidays, equality & maternity rights providing children with a stable loving start in life. These are all enshrined in European law so we all have a civilised workplace balancing our needs with business. Mums, Dads & grandparents up & down the country don’t want to see these rights diluted.


Fresh water, beautiful beaches, natural landscapes, rare wildlife & clean air are all protected by Europoe which we helped shape. Our environment & food safety standards helps us improve our health, wellbeing, delivers safer food & protects our green and pleasant land.


Why put our freedoms at risk? We are now free to visit, work & even live in any city or town in Europe. We have no visa restrictions or any caps on how much money we take back & forth. If we leave Europe our freedom to work & study abroad might well be restricted reducing our freedoms & pleasure.